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Saturday, December 31, 2011

♥ My Quiet Place ♥

Click IMAGE above for tutorial.

New tutorial ©TOR on December 29th, 2011.
This tag tutorial is of my own creation and any other similar to it is purely coincidental.
Please DO NOT upload this tutorial to another website / blog OR share via email OR thru online groups. I do welcome inquiries if others would like to use my tutorials, but please send them here to my blog or share a link to this particular tutorial page on my blog. *Thank You*

Materials Needed:
*PSP, I use PSP v9.01 but this should be able to be done in any version.

*Tube of choice, I am using a PTU tube,
©Sweet-PinUp's Piccolletta 5 which can be purchased HERE

*Scrap kit called New Beginnings that is a tagger sized kit and FTU by Puddicat Creations,
Thank You, Cindy for a beautiful kit to work with!

*Fancy Script of your choice.
Font I used here is called FleurDeLeah but it is a PTU font,
so I cannot share it, you can of course find it HERE

NOTE: This is assuming you have the working knowledge of PSP, I am going through the steps
I used to make this tag. I use "short-cut" keys most of the times when writing my tutorials
versus listing the actual tabs and the route these tabs take to get the job done *smiles*

Please remember to SAVE often....I won't be reminding you throughout the tutorial about
this important step. Seasoned PSP-ers know the reason for this, many a times PSP may encounter
freezing, and automatically closing down of the program on its own and all would then be lost.
So SAVE often! *smiles*

Ok, let's get to taggin'!

Step 1
 Open pdc_frame1 (or frame of your choosing).
Shift+D to copy and close the original. Label this as FRAME in your layers palette.

Step 2
 Ctrl+R...Left and 90 Degrees; check mark ALL layers. Click OK.

Step 3
 Shift+S...Resize 80 percent; make sure resize ALL layers is UNCHECKED. Click OK.

Step 4
 Open up Piccoletta 5_B tube, Shift+D close original.
Go to the TUBE layer Ctrl+C to COPY your tube.
Ctrl+V to paste as a new image.

Now we are going to RESIZE our tube.
Ctrl+S....change the percentage from 80 percent down to 60 percent.
Do this a total of 3 times. Making sure resize ALL layers IS checked marked.

Ctrl+C to copy your tube.
Back to your FRAME layer...CTRL+L to paste as a new layer.
Rename layer as TUBE. Adjust Sharpness, Sharpen. Move your tube into place.

Step 5
Click on your Magic Wand Tool.
Highlight your FRAME layer.
Click on the inside of your frame.
Selections - Modify - Expand.
Expand 5 pixels. Click OK.

Open Paper 8, Ctrl+C. Close original.
New Raster Layer, name it PAPER.
 Ctrl+Shift+L to paste into Selection.
Ctrl+D to select none.
In your layer palette, move the paper layer BELOW your frame layer.

Step 6
Add drop shadow to your tube layer.
Vertical: -1, Horizontal: 1, Opacity: 50, Blur: 1.00 Color: Black (#000000).
Add a drop shadow to your frame layer also using the same settings.

Step 7
Open pdc_leaves1. Ctrl+C. close original.
Ctrl+L...On your layer palette, name this layer leaves.
Shift+S...resize to 65 percent.
All layers UNCHECKED. Click OK.
Adjust sharpness--sharpen. Do this twice.In your layers palette, ON the leaves layer...DUPLICATE.
Crtl+M to mirror the leaves. Layers -- Merge Down.
Move your leaves layer down UNDERNEATH your paper layer.

Step 8
Open pdc_flowerbasket tube. Ctrl+C. Close original.
Ctrl+L, name this layer flowers.
Shift+S resize 65 percent. Do this step twice.
Adjust sharpen -- sharpen. Add drop shadow with settings in step 6.
Move the flowers layer ABOVE the tube layer in your layer palette.

Step 9
Open pdc_heart3 tube. Ctrl+C. Close original.
Ctrl+L, rename hearts.
Shift+S three times using settings used in step 7.
Adjust sharpness--sharpen.
Drop shadow same settings as step 6.
Move the hearts to the handle of your flower basket.

Step 10
Add text to your paper in style of font of your choice.
Here I used FleurDeLeah, size 30.
In the color of #6d383f, taken from the dark color in one
of the flowers from the frame.

Then a drop shadow with these settings were applied...
V:-1, H:1, O:50, B:5, color: Black (#000000). Click OK.

Step 11
Add your copyright info on a new layer in your layer palette.
Lower the opacity in your layer palette down to 50 percent.
Merge Visible.
Save as a .pspfile, Save as your BLANK template to personalize later.

Step 12
Crop tag down to size to eliminate all the extra space.
Add a New raster layer....add your name.
Save your new tag as a .png file. 
You are done!

Hope you have enjoyed my first tutorial of many in two years *smiles*.
Any questions, please feel free to email me at TagsByTOR@Gmail.com
with a subject of Tag Tut: My Quiet Place, so I will see it and it won't get
lost amongst my other pieces of mail and I can get back to you more quickly.

TxOzRoze aka TOR

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  1. Thank you so much Hun for my tag it was a really nice surprise from you, I love seeing what people make with my kits woo hoo and sending me a tag for myself is even more cooler too.
    Thanks again and Happy New Year to you and your family wishing you all the best in the new year.
    Hugs Cindy